lorikitty commission

all anthro (obviously), need a full description of the character you want drawn, including
colors and any sort of prop, i.e. a necklace, twenty hoop earrings, 10 rings on each finger, etc.

for more samples of work, go to:
VCL (little used)

what you'll get:
an image you can use on your website: $15.00
a remapable portrait you can use on furcadia: $10.00
website-image and a 8x11 print of your character, delivered to your door: $20.00
if what you want is not listed here, email me and we can negotiate.

what I do:
rough-sketch, see if you like it, (keep in mind it is rough and will get much better)
if it's up to par with your request I will continue working on it.
you may also ask for additional changes, preferably -before- I have finished drawing it :)
I'm very flexible and have enough of time to put a lot of effort into -your- drawing.

you may request:
nude, clothed, half-nude...nothing gory, and I -may- do yiff poses, we'd have to discuss what you want.

payment(US funds only):
for prints, $20.00 plus whatever shipping/handling charges apply.
note, for more than one print, all prints will be shipped together,
unless you wish for them separatly/different address, therefore s/h will be less.
Also offer a discount on multiple prints as long as they are all the same
they will be numbered and signed. (i.e., 3/4, Laura Figueroa)

payment types:
pay pal, money order, check (must go through first) and cash if you deliver it in person,
or if it's well concealed, though if you do send, I'm not at fault if it is missing.
if you deliver the cash in person, I can give you the print in person, thus no s/h.
(which is cheaper: plane ticket or s/h? :P)

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